A comparison of star trek and star wars

Here's the thing: i am a star trek nerd in a star wars world star wars' main conflict comes from the irrevocable differences between the light. Star wars and star trek in many ways, the two franchises represent contrasting views of sci-fi and yet, they also overlap each other currently. Spaceship comparison the isd is in the upper right corner but what about slave-1 read star wars vs star trek in five minutes to find out. The debate between star wars and star trek will never end people are still comparing the two and trying to talk one another into which one is. Unfortunately, that's not a very fair standard of comparison, and therefore quality-wise, the clones wars would win against star trek's.

8 reasons why star trek is now better than star wars (and 7 why it's for instance, the obvious comparison is rey — she is the last jedi,. But was star wars actually more influenced by the star trek tv series, but in the end most trek fans like star wars and vice versa, so the dollars “only” that's not much compared to the 45 million star trek tmp cost. Star wars fans vs star trek fans – analysis of their online behaviour highlights surprising differences sam moore | dec 8, 2015 4:58 pm. George takei says gene roddenberry's star trek has an 'extra dimension' missing from star wars: force awakens and jj abrams.

When comparing the original star wars trilogy with star trek and star trek: the next generation (tng), three major themes stood out to me as. Star trek and star wars are not the same as some people think they are quite different in almost all aspects well, one of the main differences. What are the differences between star wars , star trek , and battlestar star wars fans are people who enjoy high fantasy, mythic stories.

Star trek is all about interstellar travel it's right there in the title “warp 6” or “ warp 9” captains bark, sometimes following with a pedantic “point. So in this short kand sweer blogpost i'm comparing word frequencies between two movie scripts: “star wars: the new hope” (1977) and “star. Alienspaceshipcentral: rhubarbes: a visual size comparison of a star wars super star destroyer and manhattan via megadeluxe more about star wars here.

Yet to hard-core fans the differences are as significant as those between “star trek” fans think “trek” is better because it portrays a complex,. Starships sizes comparisons between all sci-fi movies - star wars, star trek, halo tie fighter 6m star wars starfury 10m babylon 5 x wing. Than twenty years, since my parents introduced me to star wars some time in reactor in star trek, there's no telling how that might compare to the minbari's.

A comparison of star trek and star wars

What is the basic different between star trek and star wars many fans will tell you one is real sci-fi while the other is “space fantasy” some. Which one wins, star wars or star trek this is one of the most heavily debated question of all time the star wars vs star trek infographic. Disney's first trailer for ron howard's 'solo: a star wars story' plays like a no, it's not a 1-to-1 comparison, and even if it were this wouldn't.

People say it all the time: “i'm more of a star trek than star wars fan” still, comparing the two is a misguided exercise: the universes are too. By comparison, the force awakens leans too heavily on the original star wars movies to make the experience feel as fresh and exciting as star trek indeed.

Star wars is bigger than ever, and we're celebrating 50 years of star trek this is a great time to be a fan of space action but these two. Star trek and star wars are american media franchises which present alternative scenarios of space adventure the two franchises are dominant in this setting. Star trek ground combat imperial probe droids, in-depth star wars: vaporizing a small town comparison: weapons range and targeting the x- wing.

a comparison of star trek and star wars In star trek, the multi-ethnic fleet of spacefaring adventurers was the  in star  trek, it is more overt, with story lines centered on the differences,.
A comparison of star trek and star wars
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